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Our Philosophy

At the core of any healthcare field is an underlying philosophy that guides its principles and the application of treatment, lets look at the differences between the traditional medical model and our approach:

The Traditional Medical Model

The medical approach to treatment has two major components:

  1. The body can be viewed as multiple systems that occur fairly independent of one another.
  2. In order to heal, something must be added to the body (medicine).

Most of these healthcare providers have a specific symptom such as pain, stiffness, etc.

Our Approach

To see some of the limitations of the symptom-based view, we will examine the basis of our philosophy at Family Wellness:

  1. The body is a complex series of carefully controlled and coordinated systems that depend on one another and strongly affect each other. (These systems range from the immune system to hte muscular sytem, from the control of healing to the ability to wiggle the toes.)
  2. The ability to resist damage and heal is a natural ability of the body, when this ability is decreased (see below how this can happen) we can have chronic injuries, sickness, difficulty healing, etc.

This holistic view of health leads to what is known as a cause-based philosophy. Instead of just treating symptoms, we focus on fixing what is not working properly in the body (the cause of symptoms). It should also be noted that cause-based physicians also have as an overall view that the body's normal state is one of maximal health, not just the absence of sickness.

How does it work?

Our body's many systems are continuously monitored and controlled by the most important and complex part of your body, the brain. The vital link in this communication between body and brain is the spine (which is really an extension of the brain), exchanging millions of messages every second with each part of our bodies.

Interference with this information transmission affects our brain's ability to "see" what is going on with our bodies and control it's responses. A condition known as the vertebral subluxation complex (simply referred to as "subluxation") is a common source of interference in the spine and can inhibit the communication that life depens upon.

As chiropractors we specialize in the detection and removal of spinal subluxation to optimize the connection between brain and body, helping us to achieve our physical potentials and return us to the health that we were designed to have. With this reduction in nerve interference and a return to health, our bodies can heal more quickly from injuries and help prevent new ones.


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